"Enter freely and of your own will -
and leave something of the happiness you bring!"

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Who is Darkamber?

Species: Draco goticus sapiens
Subspecies: Goticus bouncitus (Perky goff)
Habitat: The north temperate zone
Distinguishing sound: A loud, raucous laughter
Mottos: "Pervigilans noctem carpit", "Bouncito, ergo sum", "Who, me?"

"Struck by cosmic waves at birth, Darkamber gained super powers™
These include:

  • The ability of drinking 3469 bottles of wine in a single evening
  • The power of whistling through her nose
  • Superlaughter

Last seen in a black car heading through the eerie morning darkness towards her most northern secret crime cave™.
Her secret identity™ is safe with us as we couldn't quite pronounce it properly."

-- Count von Sexbat (as posted on alt.gothic, November 1993)

Facts about Darkamber

I was born in Oslo, the capital of Norway (that's in Europe for those of you who don't know). I grew up in a village high up in the mountains. I spent my teens there - it was cold and boring. Then I moved back down south to Oslo to study at university college.
In the Western zodiac I'm an Aries - a fire sign - and in the Chinese a Fire Horse. Which I guess is interesting if you're into astrology, which I'm not. Though Fire is indeed my element.
Norway is a cold, dark and dismal country - in other words: perfect for a goth...! (Sad thing is, it's not exactly a spawning ground for goths; those who're drawn towards the dark side tend to end up as black metal-satanist-teen rebels. I guess the Gothic style seem too frighteningly feminine to the stalwart Viking descendants. Scandinavian males are such sissies!)
I'll never going to grow up to become a boring adult - what's fun in being boring and taking yourself way to serious anyway. Though being childlike does not mean being irresponsible and infantile...or a mental midget, for that matter... Now, this doesn't mean I make great efforts towards being spontaneous and childish - it's a matter of trying not to loose what's already there.
I am a dreamer, poet, philosopher, intellectual, spiritual mystic and a bit of a hedonist.
How I am depends on my mood . 
I can be extrovert/introvert, optimistic/pessimistic, hopeful/bitter, trusting/suspicious.
I'm not at all weird, I am only a very individualistic person...honest! Nor am I mad - just....Reality Challenged
Contrary to popular belief, I'm only a violence theorist (that is: mentally violent) - not physically violent...
I'm a Norse Old Faith pagan. You can be whatever you want to be, as long as you don't try to shove your convictions down my throat... Try preaching to me, and I'll whack you repeatedly over the head with Mr. Bunny (This might not sound much of a threat, but actually he's a stuffed toy bunny with a stomach full of lead pellets...)


  • Roleplaying games
  • Being creative - writing, drawing , making clothes, masks, necklaces, small figurines (like cats & bats), knitting, web page designing, computer graphics
  • Watching films - science fiction, fantasy and horror
  • Reading
  • Listening to music - mostly goth-like (Gee, you wouldn't have guessed that would you...) or classic, though I also like some industrial and pop.
  • Sleeping - Lazy? Who, me?
Updated: 23. July 2012