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Norwegian Goth and Alternative clubs


Gotham Nights
The oldest Goth Club in Oslo (once a month)
Black Alert
Irregular appearance, at Maiden alternative pub
EBM and Industrial Club in the pub beneath John Dee.
Alternative pub/club. Open Wednesdays to Sundays
Alternative club. Irregular appearance at John Dee.


The 3. Goth club to come in existence in Norway


The Crypt


Goth and metal club.
Goth club with no age limit.


Metal and Goth youth club.
Club Grotuesque
Goth club. Once a month at Checkpoint Charlie.


Dark City
Alternative club in Trondheim
The second goth club to appear in Oslo
Korova Milk Bar
The 3. in Oslo & the 4. in Norway. Has 2 dancefloors, one with Goth/Industrial & one with 80'ties pop
Not stricktly a goth club but they play '80s synth and pop and some goth, too.. 
Club Lestat
Goth club in Kristiansand

Norwegian Goth resources
A webpage where you can access the chat channel
Focus on the goth scene in Kristiansand. 
Home of the Norwegian Netgoth Society (with net.goth profiles)
Norsk goth forum
Norwegian goth forum. All posts are in Norwegian.
Oslo Goth Forum
Discussion forum for goths in and near Oslo - and others. 
Home of the Oslo Goth Meetup Group
"Det sorte surfebrettet". Norwegian webportal to the "shadow side" of the web.
Den Sorte Hule
Mailinglist. Shopping guide (online and offline). Links to articles in Norwegian newspapers.

Shopping in Norway


Adr.: Markvn. 59, 0550 Oslo
Bodymap - also netshop
Manillusion - also netshop
Adr.: Professor Dahlsgt. 5, 0355 Oslo
Mitt skattkammer  
"A treasure-chest of a shop, bursting at the seams, Mitt Skattkammer is close to the heart of Grünerløkka, a happening area in eastern Oslo. Earlier only second-hand clothes were sold here, but now most of the stock is new with a hint of the old."
Adr.: Trondheimsv 10‚  0560  Oslo
Outland - also netshop
Books, comics, films, games, jewellery.
Pentagon - also netshop
"Norway's only specialist in the gothic, synthpop, ebm, and industrial genre"

Other cities:

Darklands - (Kristiansand) also netshop
Goth, punk and metal clothing.


Dragens hule - Netshop
Lots of neat jewellery.

Gothic resources:

(see also The Crypt)

alt.gothic Text Files
alt.gothic.archives FAQ
The Dark Side
The Dark Side of the Net
Dark Side of the Net
Encyclopedia Gothica
An encyclopedia of the gothic culture, covering a variety of topics.
A Goth Primer
FAQs, music, stereotypes, fashion
The Gothic Experience
Lots of links; merchandise, writings, postcards
A History of Goth
by Pete Scathe
A Study of Gothic Subculture - an Inside Look for Outsiders
VampLestat's Gothic Server
This site has the net.goth gallery (pictures of frequent users of alt.gothic in the 90s)
Goth image database


Old pages found at

Concerning the gothic subculture
Gothic Martha Stewart
DIY home decor for the morbidly inclined
Gothstudia - An Online Archive
An online archive of scholarly articles (research and critical papers) written about gothic and industrial music and culture by its fans.
The Net.Goth Directory
Great site, where you can even go to maps and see who might live in your own town.

Goth Comics

Little Gloomie
Official website for Roman Dirge, the creator of "Lenore"
Official website for Voltaire, the creator of "Of My Goth!"

Other links of interest:

alt.gothic at Google groups
Ye olde newsgroup
"Bone Chilling Literary Culture" - book reviews, fiction and a forum.
Neil Gaiman 
Official website
Visions of Death
Images of Death (the DC "Sandman" character) by the artist Max Fellwaker


How To Be Goth (in less than an hour!) - (at
Tamagothi Homepage

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