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Before you explore my home, I'll give you a short description of what you may find in the different rooms.
Not all the are open to public, and for your own safety I urge you not to try and enter these locked doors. Some rooms have faulty floors or ceilings, especially in the attic and down in the dungeons. Some rooms have guests, and most monsters don't appreciate being disturbed. And for gods's sake, don't let out any of the princes or princesses, you won't believe how much grief they can give you with their incessant whining...
Right, back to business.

First, here on this wall you can see a Site Map of my den.

Here in the Hall you'll find the door which leads down to the catacombs - it's behind the large staircase leading up to the first floor.
While you're here, I'd really appreciate it if you could take the time to sign my Guestbook.

On the second floor is the Boudoir, my own private quarters. Visit me there if you're curious about me.
Here are also the Guestrooms, none of which are yet open to public.
The Library is where I sit down to work on my writings, and you can read some of them here.
The Gallery has currently 6 main rooms:
The Norwegian net.goth Gallery (now an old, no longer updated relic of times past), My Photo Gallery , My amateur art, Leeneh's portrait painings of me, a Gift Art Gallery, and a small Pre-Raphaelite Gallery.

The Attic has now been rebuilt - sort of. 

Down in the labyrinthine catacombs you'll find the Crypt, where I keep scrolls with information on the Gothic Subculture. Here you'll also find some doors to other homes with information
The Vault is where I keep all my favourite books, comics, films, TV-series and such. It hasn't been updated in years; Igorina is severely lagging behind...  Here also are doors to further info.
In the Dungeon I keep people who fascinate me. It's currently closed as I'm having some new suites made for my "guests". Actually, I'm not going to reopen it, as I don't share...
If you value your life, you'll not enter the laboratories. And no, you can not see the oubliettes and torture chamber (unless you really annoy me...).

If you enter the Corridor you'll find magic doors that leads to other homes I find interesting.
The red doors here leads to other dimensions; be careful not to enter these or you will be well and truly lost. I'll take no responsibility if you do, so don't expect me to come and rescue you.

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You can email me at: darkamber_dragon [at] darkamber [dot] net

Please put [dragon's den] in the subject field, if you want  to avoid having your email eaten by the mailerdragon (spam filter).


Ooo, lookie! I once won an award.
Lady Bathory Award
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