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The Gothic subculture

a resource page for Goths

What is goth? me.
Just wear some black and act like a
melancholy jackass.
That should do it.
The end.

--Voltair: "What is Goth?"

Pages about the goth subculture on this site:

  • "Den gotiske subkulturen"
    - by Darkamber
    I wrote this for a book project on subcultures, but it wasn't what the editor wanted - it was too long and informative; he wanted something more sensational - it's not easy writing sensational stuff when you're an insider...
    (NB! So far it's only in Norwegian )

Links to other pages on the gothic subulture and goth resources:

See the Gothic Links page for more links.


Goth magazines/fanzines:

Aircrash Monthly
Sexbat's old web fanzine, found at
Take a Bite
Sexbat's old fanzine. TaB 3 was 1&2 combined.
Take a Bite 1Take a Bite 2 | Take a Bite 4
Dark Culture Magazine
Visionary Tongue - Dark Fantasy for the Millennium
A brilliant British Magazine (in fanzine format). Storm Constantine is one of the submissions editors.

Norwegian goth



Den Sorte Hule    Inactive
Started 26. August 2000, by lunacia
To find out more and join the list, go to this external page
NB: all postings on the list are in Norwegian!

The nogoth mailinglist   DEFUNCT
The original Norwegian net.goth mailinglist started in 1994 (I think), by Anne, Are, Chameleon, ilder, Nils and me, as an easy way to communicate. Since then it's grown.

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